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Strength & Durability

While glitz and glitter describes the hype and ambience at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, what was new this year was the Concrete Masonry backdrop for the Chevy Silverado Truck special edition. A 20’ tall by 20’ wide standard grey CMU wall, sturdy and strong, proudly stood behind this attention-getting truck.

This branding statement speaks to both chevy truck and concrete masonry. displayed together, tough and snazzy, the all new silverado truck, and CMU mean business.

Both bring high performance continuing to raise the bar. unparalleled. the Chevy truck is all about capability: performance, capacity, technology. materials chosen for durability and long life, and ability to stand up to demands of heavy-duty customers. CMU is all about capability, too. Borne of the same desire to be best-in-class for heavy-duty needs and inviting aesthetics, CMU is a perfect complement to the Chevy truck.

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