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For this first-of-its-kind competition, we have gathered some of the most outstanding masonry-friendly architects and structural engineers to be among the savvy judges to determine winners of presenting masonry as fresh for the 21st century. They share passions about this industry and know its opportunities for incredible development. May we introduce to you…

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BOB BELDEN | President and CEO of The Belden Brick Company in Canton OH, Belden represents the 4th generation of Belden family leadership in the company, the brick industry and in philanthropic interests. His leadership has led Belden to be the frontrunner in environmental practices and standards in healthy and quality manufacturing, to invest in new technologies such as robotics and building information modeling software for masonry. Brick brings beauty, resilience and functionality that affects daily lives of millions of people with positive impact to our environment. He is a GrEaT Mind of the Editorial advisory Board for SMART|dynamics of masonry.

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DAVID BIGGS, PE, SE | Principal, Biggs Consulting Engineering, Saratoga Springs nY, Project Coordinator for BiM-M initiative, global masonry historian and lecturer, new product researcher and developer, Biggs sees centuries of empirically designed masonry resilience as unparalleled. Working with creative people in masonry with great ideas has inspired him. He loves the collaboration and innovation that the industry has embraced. With all its intrinsic attributes, structural engineered masonry design is emerging as it efficiently replaces empirically designed buildings. advancements and efficiencies are plentiful. He is a GrEaT Mind of the Editorial advisory Board for SMART|dynamics of masonry.

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PRESTON GUMBERICH, AIA | Partner with robert aM Stern architects in nYC, Throughout his illustrious career Gumberich has prolifically designed beautiful, resilient, sustainable, high performance university buildings as landmarks to live for centuries. as a teenager strolling through Forest Hills Gardens in nY, he marveled at the rich and varied colors and textures of the turn-of-the-century brick and stone facades. He knew then that he would be an architect who would embrace traditional design principles and build with the materials that speak so eloquently to this day.

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WILLIAM KETCHAM, AIA, LEED AP | Principal at Stantec architecture in Chicago, Ketcham has embraced challenges of architecture for over 40 years. an accredited LEEd aP, he brings a strong commitment to sustainability. Masonry is a material of choice due to its intrinsic beauty and timeless versatility. it is both historically contextual and able to be reinterpreted through evolving technologies. Masonry is the singular architectural material functioning as structure or envelope; aesthetically malleable and enriched with detail.

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SARA O'NEIL-MANION, AIA | Principal of O’neil & Manion architects, Bethesda Md, O’neil- Manion insists on protecting building occupants with high performance masonry cavity walls for exterior skins and interior masonry demising partitions. For life safety from fire, optimized energy performance, water resistance, durability, longevity. and masonry is an aesthetically-pleasing, natural material.

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JERRY PAINTER, FASTM | President of Painter Masonry, Gainesville FL and President of The Masonry Society, Painter has dedicated more than 50 years to adding value to masonry through knowledge provided by education and training. He is a certified State of Florida Structural Masonry Contractor and General Contactor as well as Florida State vice-president and technical committee co-chair for Mason Contractors association of america. He, his company and their projects have received numerous awards and recognitions.

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MICHAEL R PATRICK | Senior architect, California department of Parks and recreation northern Service Center, Sacramento Ca, Patrick is intrigued by the emotional content of masonry. He thinks scaling of content deserves more exploration. He muses about masonry units having a yet unrealized potential to serve as a textile for the building, becoming self-shading and even a host/habitat for flora and fauna. among his building designs is a giraffe barn for the Sacramento Zoo.

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JENNIFER PINDYCK, AIA, RA | Partner at dsnwrk in atlanta, formerly with Mack Scoggin Merrill Elam architects and landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh associates, Pindyck has also been a visiting critic at many universities including Georgia Tech College of architecture where she is teaching an advanced design studio. Pindyck coauthored a paper for the north american Masonry Conference 2011 entitled Brick Beyond Boundaries, for which she received an Outstanding Paper award. Pindyck is a GrEaT Mind of the Editorial advisory Board for SMART|dynamics of masonry.

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CHRISTINE SUBASIC, PE, LEED AP | Consulting architectural Engineer C Calista Subasic, raleigh nC, specializes in masonry and sustainable design providing technical support services and presentations on inherent capabilities and added value of redundant structural design of loadbearing masonry which is also energy efficient, acoustically superior and sustainable for Southeast Concrete Masonry association. Subasic is editor of The Masonry Society Sustainability e-news, author, and active member of aSTM E60, C12 and C15.

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DAN ZECHMEISTER, PE, FASTM | aia-detroit and aia-Mi Honorary affiliate Member, Executive director of the Masonry institute of Michigan, Zechmeister is member of aSTM committees C12 and C15 and the TMS 402/602 Committee. He sits on the executive committee for the national BiM-M initiative and is a GrEaT Mind of the Editorial advisory Board for SMART|dynamics of masonry. He served on the Building Enclosure Council board, partnered in the Michigan Masonry Coalition to promote masonry as a structural system. His thrust is to bridge the knowledge gap in educating and promoting masonry advancements and efficiencies.

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DAVID STUBBS, B ENG, P ENG | director of the Canada Masonry design Centre in Mississauga On, Stubbs provides technical support and services to mason contractors and designers. He is an author, presenter and is involved with masonry research and education programs. Stubbs is a member of several engineering organizations and Construction Specifications Canada. He also serves on Canadian Standards association Technical Committees of Masonry Construction for Buildings, Fired Masonry Brick Made from Clay or Shale, Connectors for Masonry and as vice chair of CSa Standards on Concrete Masonry Units and design of Masonry Structures. Stubbs is a GrEaT Mind of the Editorial advisory Board for SMART|dynamics of masonry and was facilitator for this inaugural ReBranding Masonry competition

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